HVAC Maintenance CT

Bosse Heating & Air Conditioning LLC recommends annual inspections, tune-ups and/or maintenance of your heating and central air conditioning systems to ensure they are functioning properly and efficiently.   Our HVAC maintenance services are available year-round in Southington, CT and Greater Hartford County.  Our licensed professional HVAC technicians will complete a full inspection of your heating and air systems, including but not limited to inspection and cleaning exterior air conditioning unit and interior heating system functions.

Diagnostic & Testing Services:
Heating System Inspection
Remove, clean, and adjust main gas burners, ignition and pilot assembly
Inspect heat-exchanger & combustion chambers
Clean blower motor, drive mechanism and fan
Lubricate motor
Inspect/test all system transformer and controls
Inspect and test  flue assembly
Test and inspect all furnace safety controls
Inspect and test Pilot Safety Sensor
Test/Adjust gas pressure

Cooling System Inspection
Clean and Wash condenser coils
Clean and Inspect evaporator coil
Adjust and clean blower motor
Lubricate motor and fan bearings
Adjust Freon
Test and measure air-conditioning system

Whole House Inspection
Inspect  electrical connections
Adjust correct supply voltage
Clean or Replace air-filter
Calibrate thermostat