Air Purification Systems CT

Bosse Heating & Air Conditioning LLC offer a wide selection of air purification systems that help maintain a clean and healthy environment in your house or office. This is an important feature for individuals with allergies, or families with young children.  Poor air quality can also decrease the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems and increase overall annual costs for running those systems.  Installing a high efficiency air purification system, whole house humidifier or UV light will greatly improve your indoor air quality.

Our licensed technicians give you a variety of innovative options for getting rid of bad air in your home.  We will complete an assessment of your ductwork to help determine what pollutants may be present and recommend the most effective filtration system to maintain the best air quality.  We will also evaluate your air for temperature and humidity imbalances and make the necessary repairs or adjustments.  We carry state-of-the-art products from Aprilaire and GeneralAire.  Bosse Heating & Air Conditioning LLC offers repairs on high efficiency air filtering systems, as well as replacement air filters.

Air Quality Inspections of Ductwork
Air Purification System Installation
Air Purification System Repairs
Whole House Humidifiers
High Efficiency Filtering Systems
Furnace UV Lighting Systems
Air Purification System Replacement